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Laura’s story:

Today, I love my life as a shamanic soul guide and  soccer mom to my amazing teenage son, Ryland.  But my life didn’t always look this way.

Fourteen years ago, I was totally lost.  I struggled with anxiety and overwhelm on a regular basis. I chronically created dysfunctional, codependent relationships with unavailable men, driven by my desperation to feel loved. I was afraid to speak my truth and didn’t know how to ask for what I wanted. I hid out in unfulfilling jobs because I didn’t feel worthy of doing what I loved or of having abundance in my life. I thought I was broken.

It was very confusing because I had so much love to give and a very strong sense inside of me that I had enormous potential (but I simultaneously doubted that anything I had to offer would be of any interest or value to anyone). I felt like a failure. And along with that came depression and shame.

For me, what was worse than my own unhappiness, was that I knew I was setting a terrible example for my son. I didn’t want him to grow up seeing his mom depressed and anxious, broke and miserable, and not living up to my full potential.  I knew that if I stayed that way, that it would severely limit what he would think was possible. That freaked me out and made me even more miserable. But it was also perfect because it’s motivated me to get the help that I needed.

When my son was two years old I began a journey to learn how to love myself and how to find my purpose.  I immersed myself in shamanic healing,  transforming the wounds and limitations of my past, strengthening my relationship with Source, and facing and embracing everything about me – the Light, the Dark and everything in between.

With practice, I learned how to unconditionally love myself and how to deeply listen to my soul.  In 2008, I began teaching and sharing my message with the world: “Come home to your body.  Love yourself and own your power.  Listen to your soul and live your purpose.”

In 2015, I experienced the shattering of my heart and the end of a nine year relationship.  The loss of that relationship and everything that I had made it mean rocked me to my core.  I was literally on the floor of my healing room, sobbing my guts out, as wave after wave of grief wracked its way through my body. I felt broken, ashamed, pathetic. How had I created this? What was wrong with me? I wondered if my heart would ever heal.

But the utter vulnerability of that shattering led me into some of the most important expansion of my life thus far.

I began sitting in women’s circles, studying how the feminine body actually works, and learning simple practices that help me to release anxiety, soften into my feminine essence and activate my own life force energy. I studied with many of the leading feminine embodiment, self-actualization, conscious relating, tantric and mindfulness teachers of our time.

I learned how to stay exquisitely present, moment by moment, to whatever was arising with me.  I softened into my Feminine and let go of survival patterns of constantly working hard to make things happen through the mighty will of my Masculine. I let go of tons of limiting beliefs and learned how to consciously create my reality instead of letting my past determine my future.  I finally discovered how to play and live in the flow of joy and ease!

Today I love helping women fully come home to our amazing bodies, to feel vibrantly turned on and in love with life, and to own our infinite power to create soul-fullfiling lives with ease and flow.

I want to live in a world where we are all allowing the love that we are to flow through us in every moment and using our immense personal and collective power to co-create the world of our dreams! 

Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to LOVE. Whatever is not working in our lives can be traced back to place where we are blocking the flow of love. Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process and Creatrix of Turn On Your Feminine Magic, and the WildWoman Experience, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, and give their unique gifts to the world.

Laura leads workshops around the United States and abroad. Utilizing teachings, breath, active imagination processes, bio-energetic release techniques and guided journeys in her workshops and private coaching practice, she holds safe and sacred space for accessing and integrating the myriad parts of your authentic wholeness.

To see Laura’s teaching schedule please check the Events page or click HERE to learn more about her private coaching practice and schedule a session.

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