Align and Thrive

Align and Thrive

June 10, 2017 in the Kansas City Area

A full day retreat designed to help you release what is no longer serving you,  align to your highest potential and thrive each day of your life.

Get ready to play, breathe, move, explore, expand and come home to your soul essence using tools and practices drawn from :

Shamanic Breathwork™

Shadow Work®

and Higher Alignment


Shamanic Breathwork™

Shamanic Breathwork™ is a safe and powerful inner journey that utilizes breath, sound healing and energetic bodywork to help you to:

• Let go at a very deep level of stress, fear, trauma and limiting beliefs

• Open to the flow of unconditional love which is always available to us and through us

• Receive guidance directly from your soul about who you came here to BE and what you came here to contribute

• Align with your highest vision and take inspired action to create the life of your dreams

Shadow Work®

Shadow Work® is a personal growth process which supports individuals to explore and discover the gold hiding in the shadows. It is a way to face everything within us, and learn how to live more fully.

Shadow work is about reclaiming ALL aspects of ourselves – especially the parts that we think are un-loveable.

When we can truly look at all parts of ourselves with compassion, we regain our power. Power to speak our truth. Power to do what we really want to do with our lives. We begin to know that we will be okay, regardless of what anyone is thinking of us.  It gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves – which then liberates others around us to be their authentic selves, too.

Higher Alignment

Higher Alignment is a set of tools designed to empower individuals to know their soul essence so that we can:

1.  Respond to what each moment offers, healing past patterns, and daring to be spontaneous.

2. Use playfulness, paradox and mutual learning to engage uncomfortable similarities and challenging differences with others.

3. Embody love, trust and unity to be more present with ourselves and more conscious with others.

4. Empower ourselves through autonomy, intimacy and co-creativity to tell our truth, to experience abundance, and unify the world.

Facilitators – The Feminine & The Masculine

We believe in the power of women and men doing deeply transformative work together. We live in a co-gender world. We are all inherently connected to each other and the planet needs all of us to grow up and show up. Men and women need safe spaces and facilitated opportunities to witness each others’ authentic vulnerability and rich wholeness. We all need the healing experience of being lovingly supported by the energies of the masculine and the feminine working together.

Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living our passionate purpose. Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process and creator of Shakti Yoga, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world. To read more about Laura’s journey, click HERE.


Phoenix Timberwolf – As a pivotal facilitator and catalyst for transformation, Phoenix serves men, women, children, couples, organizations and communities by modeling sustainable living, supporting emotional and physical healing and embodiment, and contributing to planetary balance and well-being

Phoenix’s Journey: Phoenix’s personal growth journey began in 1994 with 12-step recovery and continued with many modalities of alternative therapies, conflict resolution and healing. Today he is a certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Advanced Energy Healer and Higher Alignment 7-ray technology coach in training. In addition to leading Mankind Project Men’s group, Phoenix also works with teens in developing life skills, couples who want to create rewarding relationships, and matches business owners with partners and employees for greater success. In all of this, Phoenix offers tools for self-forgiveness and letting go, so people can discover their own authentic nature. He is a father, partner, business owner, mediator, body worker and life coach currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina.

Hollis Renewal Center

Hollis Renewal Center is hidden away within 153 acres of secluded wooded land located 20 minutes west of downtown Kansas City. The property features over five miles of hiking trails, a labyrinth, and East Mission Creek flows through from north to south.

We will use The Lodge as our main gathering space and we will spend parts of the day outdoors, weather permitting.

Registration Details

Location:  Hollis Renewal Center, 11414 Kansas Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66111

(20 minutes west of downtown Kansas City on I-70, 5 minutes south of the Speedway).

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hours:  8:45 am – 6:30 pm.  Please arrive by 8:45 am to bring in your stuff, sign in, use the restroom and get settled to begin at 9 am.

Donation: $169 per person or $288 for two people

Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is a non-profit congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Use PayPal button below to register.

Meals:  please bring your own lunch, water bottle and snacks. There is a full kitchen in the lodge with stove, fridge, plates, bowls, silverware, pots and pans, etc.

What to bring:  Your open heart and mind, water bottle, your lunch, snacks if you need them, journal and pen, eye mask or bandana, a thick comforter or sleeping bag to lie down on, a blanket to cover up with, a pillow for your head, a pillow for your knees, drums, rattles, noise makers or musical instruments, a sacred object to add to the community altar (if you wish).

University Credit & CEU’s:  All classes taken through Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary are eligible for credit towards a degree with Venus Rising University. We also offer NAADAC CEU’s upon arrangement.  For CEU’s all paperwork must be filled out and fees paid prior to taking the course. Email Laura Wolf for more info.

Questions?  Email Laura Wolf

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