A path to greater peace, intimacy and wholeness

A Path to Greater Peace, Intimacy and Wholeness

I am wondering if you long to experience more passion, connection, intimacy and fun in your current relationship?

Maybe you have frequent upsets and it gets exhausting . . . which can get in the way of your sexual connection. You feel attacked, blamed and lonely. You may even feel defective, like, “What is wrong with me/us? Why can’t we figure this out?!”  Do you wonder sometimes if you should just let it go and look for a better match.

Or maybe you’re gun shy about even trying to find a relationship – you’ve been hurt so many times that it doesn’t seem worth the risk. Yet at the same time you long for the experience of love, connection, intimacy and support. You’re tired of having to do it all yourself and wish that someone could share the responsibility and daily tasks of life.   And some great sex would be nice, too!

It could be that you’ve got relationship figured out pretty well but you’re bored in your current job and have no idea how to make the shift into giving your gifts, making a difference in the world and making an abundant living doing what you love.

What would become possible for you if you felt totally loved, heard, held, supported and appreciated in an on-going way?

How would that feel in your body, in your nervous system? Would you be able to relax and connect more, have more fun?  Maybe it would free up some energy to focus on sharing your gifts with the world?

Imagine if you had a way to:

–Calm your own nervous system in the midst of an upset

–Tap into the good feelings of love, connection and compassion

–And bring that energy into the situation instead of reacting, blowing it up worse, or retreating from intimacy?

How would that impact your relationships, your inner state of being, your creativity?

I can tell you from my own experience that it is magical and healing to be able to bring that energy into relationship – AND – I deeply understand what it is like to feel lonely, frustrated and hopeless about relationship.

Laura, James, Ella, RylandToday I co-create an amazing, passionate, juicy, loving relationship with my partner, James Mayfield Smith, and our two kids. I love my work of helping people to transform their lives and I get to do that all over the world. But my life did not always look this way.

I spent my entire teens into my mid 30’s desperately trying to get unavailable men to love me and commit to me. I had several long-term relationships characterized by conflict, addiction, co-dependency and loneliness.  I unconsciously used sex as a desperate attempt to feel connection. I had a lot of great sexual experiences-fun, hot, juicy, tender, wild-but I had no idea how to love myself. I kept creating disappointing relationships with men who also did not love themselves.

I had no idea at that time how to tap into the Source of love, how to feel loved and held, how to offer generous connection that isn’t desperate or needy, how to tap into the infinite wisdom of my soul or how to live my sacred purpose. I was lost, depressed, anxious and in a lot of pain.

It all began to change for me when I was introduced to Inner Beloved practices about ten years ago.

‘Beloved’ is simply a name for the divine source of unconditional love. The Beloved lives in us, as us, and all around us. There is never any shortage of love, only our resistance to, or unawareness of, it. The Beloved is always available for us, no matter what.

Many of us have spent a lot of time and energy looking for love outside of ourselves.  We cannot get connection from any one outside of ourselves. It already exists within us, but we must do the work of going within to find it.

Communing with your Inner Beloved provides a pathway for developing true self-love so that you can begin to feel loved, whole and cherished from within. From this place, you develop the capacity to love and value others for who they are, with less need to control them or deflect intimacy.  

When you feel loved and partnered from within, you greatly increase your capacity to create rich, loving, conscious and fulfilling relationships in the outer.

Through Inner Beloved practices I began to learn how to truly love myself and how to tap into the feeling of being completely loved, held and supported – whether I had a person there loving me or not.

As I learned to love myself and feel loved from within, I started to attract very different relationships into my life – people who also loved themselves and were able to share love in healthier ways.

I stopped channeling my life force into creating chaos and began to be able to hear my inner guidance and take action to channel energy into giving my gifts, getting paid for that, and creating a life in alignment with who I really am.

I met James during that time and he was also using Inner Beloved tools to transform and grow his life. We have had lots to work through individually and as a couple every step of the way. We both have strong opinions, different preferences and baggage from the past that gets activated in relationship.

Deep intimacy brings up every fear, every insecurity, every hope, every dream, every hurt that we have within us.  This is simply what relationship does.   We understand that our stuff coming up is not a sign of failure – it is a call to loving ourselves and each other deeper.  We are committed to bringing love to whatever is arising within us and being a Source of love for ourselves and for each other.  Neither one of us would know how to do that if we didn’t have a foundation of Inner Beloved practices to support us.

Offering rather than demanding:  Inner Beloved practices have helped us continually come back to our own center, tap into the energy of love and connection, and bring that energy back to each other from a place of offering rather than demanding.

We also both turn to our individual connections with the Beloved to help guide and inform us as we develop our careers and bring forth our creative projects in the world.

James and I have been sharing the Inner Beloved tools that have supported us in our relationship, in our sense of belonging and self worth, and in giving our gifts for several years now in our workshops and private client sessions.  We would love to share these tools with you!

shutterstock_195680657Embracing Your Inner Beloved:

A path to greater peace, intimacy and wholeness

October 16 – 18, 2015

Learn to access the source of love within yourself so that you can:

–Feel cherished and whole within yourself, instead of seeking outside of your self for the love and approval you crave

–Relax into knowing that you are safe and provided for, even when your partner is upset, things are changing at work or the earth is rumbling beneath your feet

–Accept those closest to you exactly as they are, letting go of the need to control their behaviors

–Create rich, loving, balanced, juicy relationships based on mutual respect and freedom to be your authentic selves, rather than on neediness or feeling trapped

Here’s what people are saying about the experience of learning to connect with their Inner Beloved:

“I feel healthier (emotionally and physically) now than I have ever felt in my life.  Life is FUN!  I am THRIVING!  I have a VOICE!  I feel WORTHY!  I feel LOVABLE and LOVED (by many people, but most importantly BY MY SELF)!  Yes, I LOVE MY SELF!”

“I have stopped living in as much fear as I used to. I have written thirty three short stories in the past five months and am currently working on edits to send them to a publisher, something I only talked about before. I am in a relationship where I constantly peel back my own layers, opening my heart continuously, stepping boldly into a vulnerability I so desperately guarded in the past.”

“I wish that someone had taught me how to connect to the Source of love when I was a little child. I wish that all people were taught this, all over the world!”

Can you imagine the ways the world could change if we all knew from a young age how to calm ourselves and feel unconditionally loved, no matter what was going on around us?

Register Early and save $100!  Space is limited in this retreat and there is an Early Bird Discount for those registering by Sept 30.

If you are longing for more love, intimacy, connection, inner peace and connection to your infinite inner wisdom and clarity, consider joining us for Embracing Your Inner Beloved, Oct 16-18.

Email me to set up an interview time.  We’ll talk about what’s up for you, what you are most longing for, and see if this retreat feels like the right fit for your needs.

Let’s get you more connected to the Source of love!

Laura Wolf

“Love your life!”

Passion & Purpose Coach

Founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary

Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process