Evolutionary Life School

for Coaches, Healers, Leaders and Lovers of the Earth

who are ready to THRIVE!

with Laura Wolf & Phoenix Timberwolf

Next class beings in September of 2018.


Consider this your invitation into a new way of being. Do you feel the calling?  Life is so good. Zillions of miracles are happening within and around us every single second.

We are inviting you to awaken to the astonishing and ever-evolving miracle that you are. So much more is possible for you, through you, as you. So much more love, joy, ease and freedom.

It is time for you to THRIVE! This new way of being on the planet, of living and loving and creating, is not about hard work. A very deep part of you knows there is another way of existing together on this planet.

The time for struggle has passed. You’ve struggled and worked hard enough. We all have. The effort was valiant and not wasted – but now is the dawning of a new day, a new way.

This new way is about creating from expansion and love, joy and ease. Yes, EASE. Really. It’s possible.

We know the voice in your head that’s having a fit about this suggestion. The Inner Task Master who says, “That’s ridiculous. Nothing is easy. You must work hard. There is so much do. So much do to.”

This part of you is just scared, that is all. It is only repeating what it learned from our culture. This part means well. It loves you immensely and wants to you to thrive. And you shall. But there is another way.

The way is love. Unconditional love for every single aspect of yourself. Commitment to loving yourself so utterly that you become the vibration and the magnetic field of love.

It’s time to love all of you – messy and magnificent.  No matter what area of your life is not fully thriving, a limit that you have put on your own love is at the root. As long as you are hiding, criticizing, rejecting, abandoning, exiling or not embracing any part of you, it will get in the way of you being able to fully love or to fully give your gifts and live the life of your dreams.

There is so much more possible for you!  You know it in your bones.  You’ve always known it.  As you stop resisting yourself and begin making space for every thing about you, you will stop resisting the myriad ways that life is trying to come to you and through you at all times.

As you stop resisting and begin embracing, you will become far more resilient – able to stay grounded and open, curious and present, regardless of what is happening around you. It’s not that challenges won’t happen any longer. They most certainly will. But you will be amazed at how you interact with them so differently.

Now, a whole new world is at your fingertips. You will begin to choose differently where you invest your time and energy. You will quickly and easily recognize the pain of the hamster wheel and finally say “NO!” to people, places and things that don’t support you and your well being.

The energy of love is magnetic. You will attract new worlds of playgrounds and playmates into your life.  Love will open you to Aliveness, Play and Joy.

Through this journey of love and ease and embracing, you will come to know your purpose in a much deeper and clearer way. 

Knowing your purpose at the depths of your being simplifies everything. It makes every moment clear. When you know what you came here to BE and contribute, it allows you to focus. It frees you up from distractions and drama and energy sucks. It gives you a compass so that you can easily course correct in any moment.

We humans are so much happier when we are living our purpose. When we are not living our purpose we know it and we don’t feel right inside. We waste our energy and try to distract ourselves with all manner of substances and dysfunctional behaviors. When we live our purpose, we become alive and creative and potent.

It’s time to own your POWER, activate your PASSION and live your PURPOSE.  You are the gift that the world needs now.  I’m not talking about what you DO.  I’m talking about WHO YOU ARE.  Simply by aligning yourself to who you really are, you bless everyone around you – and what you want what to DO next becomes clear.

We are living in one of the most exciting moments in human history.   The billions of people beginning to awaken need your gifts, your well-earned wisdom, your unique brilliance to help guide and support them through these times of incredible transformation and change.

If you are ready for more – more love, more life, more ease, more joy, more freedom – come play with us at Evolutionary Life School!

Evolutionary Life School is a 9-month journey of empowerment, expansion and integration designed to help you take your life to the next level!

➢Learn how to live as LOVE and EASE in any moment

➢Release stress, trauma and energies that have felt stuck in your body

➢Unhook from stories and limiting beliefs that still impact you today

➢Deeply relax into your body and tap into your own aliveness

➢Know exactly what to do when you feel stuck, triggered, overwhelmed or confused so that you can easily shift back into co-creativity and inspired action in your life

➢Master high level skills for creating more intimacy, ease and connection in your relationships

➢ Expand your skills for  supporting others through these volatile times

➢Give your unique gifts and align your life to your soul purpose

Regardless of your reason for enrolling in Evolutionary Life School, you will leave an empowered leader in your family, your career, your men’s and women’s groups, with your clients and co-workers and in your own life.


It takes a tremendous amount of energy every day to keep doing life in ways that do not fulfill or inspire you. Each day that you spend managing relationship drama, working hard all the time, or not really living your purpose steals your life force energy, resulting in:








You know you are here to LOVE and be of SERVICE but . . .

–You feel a deep calling from within to give your gifts in a bigger way and make a difference in the world but but there are so many challenges along the way that you sometimes get stuck or overwhelmed about how to proceed.

–You long to experience more harmony, trust and intimacy in relationship but you keep experiencing the same old triggers and frustrating patterns over and over again

–You’ve done a lot of therapy or personal growth work but you’re still not that happy.  Some of your behavior patterns that helped you survive childhood keep re-surfacing.  You know they aren’t serving you any more but you haven’t been able to figure out how to disrupt the pattern.  Which tends to bring up shame, pain, frustration and depression.

–You want to learn life lessons more quickly and move on to more fulfilling co-creative projects but a lot of your time and energy is being consumed by managing day-to-day life and your J.O.B.

–You want to feel more relaxed and alive in your body but life is so full that it’s hard to prioritize time for nurturing, creativity and fun.

–You are a coach, healer, leader or activist for the Earth.  You have a huge heart and a huge mission – and you tend to generously give to everyone and every cause, which leaves you exhausted and depleted.  You are ready to learn next level skills so that you can thrive and support others in thriving.

Laura’s journey:

Today, I love my life as a shamanic soul guide and soccer mom to my amazing teenage son, Ryland. But my life didn’t always look this way.

I understand what its like to be caught up in relationship drama and not be living your passionate purpose.

Thirteen years ago, I was totally lost. I struggled with anxiety and overwhelm on a regular basis.  I hid out in unfulfilling jobs because I didn’t feel worthy of doing what I loved or of having abundance in my life. And I chronically created dysfunctional relationships with unavailable men because I didn’t love myself. 

It was very confusing because I had so much love to give and a very strong sense inside of me that I had enormous potential (but I simultaneously doubted that anything I had to offer would be of any interest or value to anyone). I felt like a failure. And along with that came depression and shame.

For me, what was worse than my own unhappiness, was that I knew I was setting a terrible example for my son. I didn’t want him to grow up seeing his mom depressed and anxious, broke and miserable, not living up to my full potential and hanging out in unhealthy relationships. I knew that if I stayed that way, that it would severely limit what he would think was possible. That freaked me out and made me even more miserable. But it was also perfect because it’s motivated me to get the help that I needed.

When my son, Ryland, was six months old I began a journey to learn how to love myself and how to find my purpose.  I eventually left his father and immersed myself in the Shamanic path, healing my Family of Origin wounds and co-dependency, strengthening my communion with Source, and facing and embracing everything about me – the Light, the Dark and everything in between.  I  studied with many of the leading self-actualization, conscious relating, tantric and mindfulness teachers of our time.

With practice, I learned how to love myself and how to deeply listen to my soul.  In 2009, I began teaching and sharing my message with the world: “Come home to your body.  Heal the past.  Love yourself and own your power.  Listen to your soul and live your purpose.”

In 2015, I experienced the shattering of my heart and the end of a nine year relationship.  The loss of that relationship and everything that I had made it mean rocked me to my core.  I was literally on the floor of my healing room, sobbing my guts out, as wave after wave of grief wracked its way through my body. I felt broken, ashamed, pathetic. How had I created this? What was wrong with me? I wondered if my heart would ever heal.

But the utter vulnerability of that shattering led me into some of the most important expansion of my life thus far.  I learned how to stay exquisitely present, moment by moment, to whatever was arising with me.  I softened into my Feminine and let go of survival patterns of constantly working hard to make things happen through the mighty will of my masculine. I let go of tons of tangled strands of limitations I had unconsciously adopted.  I finally discovered how to play and live in the flow of joy and ease!

Today I get to do what I love, which is to support others in learning how to unconditionally love themselves and expand beyond limitation into lives of incredible aliveness and co-creativity.  I commune with nature every day, have fun and trust the Universe to bring me everything I need.  I don’t do any of this perfectly. I do it with self-compassion, one day at a time, using the myriad tools I’ve learned over the past 13 years, and with the support of my teachers and my community.

I want to live in a world where we are all living as the love that we are and using our immense personal and collective power to co-create new ways of living together on this glorious planet! What would you like to create?” –Laura Wolf


Evolutionary Life School includes five residential retreats, monthly group calls, an elegant on-line learning platform and an amazing community of support.

Segment One: September 6-9, 2018

11688255279921105700K8StRZcThe Spiral Path of Transformation

What are you READY to change in your life?

Perhaps a more important question is how are you going to do that?  Do you have the tools and the support you need to make the powerful and lasting changes that you crave?

Change is the only constant in the Universe.  Everything within us and around us is constantly changing.  Our happiness in life is directly proportional to our ability to flow with change. But let’s face it, change can be difficult and scary.  The more we resist change, the more uncomfortable we become in our careers and our relationships.

Discover how to work with, rather than against, your own nature and the nature of change so that you can:

• Know exactly what to do when you feel stuck, overwhelmed or confused so that you can shift back into co-creativity and inspired action in your life

• Experience more grace, ease and flow, regardless of where you find yourself in the process of change

• Inspire and catalyze more change for your clients and constituents

• Become a more resilient leader in your own life, in your community or at the planetary level

• Relax and enjoy the real and sustainable changes you’ve been longing to create

Segment Two:  October 5-7, 2018

Inner ChildrenFreeing Your Inner Child

Whatever you most deeply desire to experience, express and create in your life – love, health, wealth, career, travel, leisure, inner peace – the blocks to you living your ideal life now are deeply rooted in the unresolved hurts, fears and limiting beliefs of your Inner Child.

Even in the most loving of families, some aspects of our selves were simply not supported or accepted. Most of us learned early to repress those aspects that our families did not embrace, while others of us began to rebel. As adults we frequently continue patterns of people pleasing, repressing, rebelling, defending, isolating, not going for our dreams or otherwise unconsciously acting out old programming.

In this workshop you will learn to free your inner child from the hurts of the past so that you can:

• Bring unconditional love, healing and integration to younger aspects of you

• Finally let go of subtle ways you feel like a victim. You are the creator of your own life.

• Quickly recognize when you are “triggered” and know exactly what to do to come back to the present and respond as a compassionate adult, instead of distancing, defending or reacting from the wounded child within

• Learn how to stay open and connected to your heart even in the midst of a personal or professional conflict

• Create deeper connection with your loved ones

• Relax into your own skin and live from a place of more contentment, joy, ease and inner peace

Segment Three:  December 7-9, 2018

shadowdanceReclaim The Power in Your Shadow

At a very young age, we learned what was considered acceptable and what wasn’t. Without realizing it, we began to repress and push into the Shadows the aspects of ourselves that we thought would cause us to be shunned or not loved.

People often think that the Shadow is all the “bad” parts of us – but frequently our joy, creativity, passion and dreams get pushed into the Shadows, along with our feelings, sensuality, power and truth.

Shadow work is about reclaiming ALL aspects of ourselves – especially the parts that we think are un-loveable. When we can truly look at all parts of ourselves with compassion, we regain our power. Power to speak our truth. Power to do what we really want to do with our lives. We begin to know that we will be okay, regardless of what anyone is thinking of us.  It gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves – which then liberates others around us to be their authentic selves, too.

Re-discover the unknown or unloved parts of yourself and reclaim your POWER so that you can:

• Befriend all your parts and enlist them to serve your Higher Self

• Experience unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance for yourself and for others

• Relax into feeling stable and resilient – knowing that you can handle whatever life brings you

• Speak your truth and share your authentic self in your relationships

• Boldly give your gifts and trust that YOU are exactly what is needed in the world

Segment Four:  February 22-24,2018

shutterstock_195680657Inner Beloved: Accessing the Source of Love

There is never any shortage of love – only our resistance to, or unawareness of, it.  We cannot get love or connection from any one outside of ourselves. It already exists within us, but we must go within to find it.

This retreat provides a pathway for developing true self-love so that you can begin to feel loved, whole, safe and supported from within.

A deeper resilience and stability develops from this place of self-compassion. As you learn to love yourself in this way, you automatically attract new levels of authenticity, love and connection with others, with less need to control or deflect intimacy.

In this workshop you will learn to access the Source of love within yourself so that you can:

•Stop looking for love and realize you are ARE love

• Feel loved, valuable and whole within yourself, instead of seeking outside of your self for love and approval

• Learn to let feelings come and go with ease like the waves of the ocean

• Deepen your connection to Source so that you can feel happier and more confident and secure within yourself

• Spend less time processing (needing to be right, be seen, be validated) and more time in Acceptance and Love

• Experience more joy and ease in all areas of life – and know how to return to the flow of love in the midst of an upset

Segment Five:  April 12-14, 2018

Living Your Passionate Purpose

We are living in one of the most exciting moments in human history.   The billions of people beginning to awaken need your gifts, your wisdom, your brilliance to help guide and support them through these times of incredible transformation and change.

Each day that you spend hiding out, not listening to the promptings of your soul steals your life force, resulting in anxiety, depression, exhaustion, overwhelm and dis-ease of every kind.

In this workshop you will get clarity about your next right actions for living your passionate purpose, so that you can:

• Relax into knowing what you came here to BE and CONTRIBUTE

• Feel the JOY and VITALITY that emerges when you allow your passionate purpose to come through you

• Begin living your passionate purpose NOW – not someday in the future when certain exterior conditions are met

• Learn how to move beyond the need to DO and value BEING who you are

• Feel safe and empowered to be your most authentic self, shine your light and give your greatest gifts to the world

On-Line Learning

This course includes access to an elegant and easy to use on-line learning platform filled with interactive lessons and exercises, downloadable resources, recordings of all the group calls and material covered at the events that will help you to continue living from your heart and aligning to your passionate purpose throughout your life.

A Strong Community of Healthy Allies

Surround yourself in a strong supportive community of healthy allies! It is impossible to build your dreams alone. You need conscious, empowered, alive, loving people to network and collaborate with, to cheer you on, to bounce ideas off, to ask for feedback and to share your challenges and triumphs. This community is filled with people like you who are committed to creating their dreams.

What past participants are saying:

“My understanding of how to feed myself on a soul level has shifted. This process has freed up so much creative energy in me, I feel more alive every time I do this work. Having an embodied experience of self-liberation, I feel more trust and confidence in every aspect of my life.”

“This process involves the whole body and so allows much more shift than most talk-based processing methods. It gave me a tool for accessing clarity and direction for the next step in my life.”

“This has been the most effective method for getting to the core of my issues. I have a whole new perspective on how to approach issues as they come up for me. It’s huge!”

The Feminine and The Masculine

Your Guides to the Evolutionary Life School Journey

We believe in the power of men and women doing deeply transformative work together.  We live in a co-gender world.  We are all inherently connected to each other and the planet needs all of us to grow up and show up.  Men and women need safe spaces and facilitated opportunities to witness each others’ authentic vulnerability and rich wholeness. We all need the healing experience of being lovingly supported by the energies of the masculine and the feminine working together.

Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living in alignment with our souls and in harmony with our Earth and all it’s creatures.  Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, creator of Shakti Yoga, and co-founder of the Wildwoman Weekend, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world.

Based in the Heartland (Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS) Laura leads events around the United States and abroad.  A member of the Venus Rising University faculty, Laura Wolf is one of the leading facilitators of S.H.I.P.: The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process in the United States.  Utilizing teachings, breath, movement, art, bio-energetic release techniques, embodiment practices and guided journeys in her workshops and private coaching practice, she holds safe and sacred space for accessing and integrating the myriad parts of your authentic wholeness.

As humans we all need a safe place to be ourselves, to free ourselves and to embrace all the parts of ourselves, even the messy parts. Working with Laura helped me to truly see and hear and trust myself.” — past participant


Phoenix Timberwolf – As a pivotal facilitator and catalyst for transformation, Phoenix serves men, women, children, couples, organizations and communities by modeling sustainable living,  supporting emotional and physical healing and embodiment, and contributing to planetary balance and well-being

Phoenix’s personal growth journey began in 1994 with 12-step recovery and continued with many modalities of alternative therapies, conflict resolution and healing. Today he is a certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Advanced Energy Healer, Higher Alignment Coach and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator. In addition to leading Mankind Project Men’s group, Phoenix also works with teens in developing life skills, couples who want to create rewarding relationships, and matches business owners with partners and employees for greater success. In all of this, Phoenix offers tools for self-forgiveness and letting go, so people can discover their own authentic nature. He is a father, partner, business owner, mediator, body worker and life coach currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina.

Phoenix’s Journey:

I began my personal growth journey in 1994, sparked by a divorce, a DWI and a joint custody battle. This was my invitation into self-discovery and the beginning of my evolutionary life education. Over the next five years, I got sober, learned the basics of emotional literacy and went to therapy. I had another daughter on the way in a relationship that was unstable, but not as unstable as the previous. Although I was about to go through another custody conflict, I was right where I needed to be, learning from my life.

By 2007, I’d spent thousands of hours studying conscious relationship, Non-Violent Communication, men’s work, sacred sexuality, healing my family-of-origin wounds and healing co-dependency. I laid on the earth, ate a healthy organic diet, connected with my power animals and got my balls back. I built a natural home in a community of like-minded environmentalists, lived in the woods with clean air and clean water, and challenged the norms around building codes, sexuality, group dynamics and governance. In many ways, I followed my heart and was living the life of my dreams.

And, yet, I found myself curled up in a ball on my bed wanting to die because my partner wanted to end our relationship. I was terrified of abandonment and couldn’t imagine living alone. The next nine months of depression, grief and darkness led me to finally let go of some really old wounds around my father who left when I was a child.

For 20 years, I had believed that I was broken and needed mending. I believed that I was an addict and would always be an addict. I believed that my childhood was so traumatic that I would never be healthy enough to have any kind healthy relationship. I was ready for the next level of my education.

This was a beautiful time. I became really vulnerable and began to start fully loving myself. I gained confidence to be myself and enjoy life and living alone. I began to discover beauty – my inner beauty, and the beauty of the world around me.

In 2013, I expanded my possibilities about where I wanted to live, who I wanted to spend my time with and how I wanted to contribute in this next phase of my life. I moved to Boulder, CO, to get my Shadow Work® certification. In Boulder, I heard about the Higher Alignment Center for Conscious Relationships. I dropped in to listen and stayed for 4 years.

Here’s what I learned from Shadow Work and Higher Alignment:

1) We are not our wounds, our conditioning, or our defenses. Although many of our masks served us, or served us well for a time in our lives, they are limiting us in life today.

2) We are all beautiful, unique souls with amazing qualities and gifts.  We are here on this planet to love, have experiences and learn.

3)There is more to love than instinctual attractions, intellectual power struggles, idealized co-dependency

4) Higher Love is an option – it comes from loving ourselves so deeply that we become whole within ourselves. With this, we no longer NEED another person to complete us. We no longer attract ourselves to parental or familiar patterns for partners. As we begin to really love ourselves, we start to exploring being with others because we enjoy their company, have similarities and when we are together we create more than when we are apart.

5) There was nothing wrong with me all along that needed fixing. I just needed to love myself enough to say no to unhealthy situations.

Today, I’m in wonderful relationship with someone who is compatible with me. We have been together for four years. We are together, not out of fear of being alone or because we need each other to complete ourselves. We are together because we enjoy life more together than apart and we have fun creating things together. We co-own a retreat center called Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat in Asheville, NC, where we offer massage, energy healing, Shamanic Breathwork™, Shadow Work® and dating and relationship coaching to support our community members and constituents in finding their way.

Past participants:

“If you want to move beyond the places where you get stuck with love, support, wisdom and skillful facilitation, this is the place to come!”

“This process gives you the opportunity to embody the skills that allow your life to have more clarity, fluidity and radiance and actually become the change that you most need.”

“This process has opened up a whole new way of life for me, helping me to make different choices that better serve me and those I love.”

Evolutionary Life School weaves together the best tools we have found from ancient shamanic wisdom and depth psychology, as well as cutting edge practices drawn from the fields of bio-energetic release, embodiment, neuro-science, conscious relating and self actualization.

Evolutionary Life School is for you if:

➢ You know you are here to create and contribute something MAGNIFICENT

➢ You are ready to take your life to the next level  and you intuitively sense that way more love, joy, ease and freedom are possible

➢ You are committed to owning your power, moving through your blocks and living your purpose

➢ The skills you have learned in the past were appropriate for the place where you were at, but the tools you have been using have run their course. You are ready for the next level of skills to take you where you want to go.

➢ You have seen success in some areas of your life, but can’t seem to shift some of the last hold-outs.

➢ You have felt disappointed in relationships and long for more connection, intimacy, authenticity, safety and trust

➢ Even though you have made a lot of the changes in your life that you feel you need in order to be successful, you keep attracting some of the same unhealthy relationship dynamics and fall into old patterns.

➢ You’re ready to say good-bye to Anxiety, Intensity and Co-dependency

➢ You’d like to attract healthy, balanced relationships into your life

➢ You want to feel more relaxed and alive in your body

➢ You long to honor the things that make you unique and different and let go of the need to conform

➢ You would love to be a part of a community of courageous people who are practicing self-compassion, authenticity, vulnerability and self-actualization

➢ You are ready to fully step into your sacred purpose / life’s work.

➢You are currently working as a healer /coach /counselor / therapist (serving all the time) and you need more support in your life, a place to do your own deep work.

➢You are currently working as a healer /coach /counselor / therapist and you want more advanced and embodied tools to take your clients to the next level.

Right on! Take a deep breath. You might have found what you are looking for!

We have studied and experienced a LOT of healing modalities: EMDR, NLP, EFT, Reiki, neurofeedback, hypnotherapy, IFS, somatic integration, trauma release work, guided imagery, voice dialogue, Enneagram, Shamanic journeys, Shadow Work, Higher Alignment, Non-Violent Communication, Yoga, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Tantra, etc. We find value in all these modalities and find that different tools work better for different people.

We have a wealth of experience, but more importantly, we have integrated these experiences into solid place inside ourselves. We offer you a program that comes from our own inner resourcefulness and embodiment that can safely and solidly create the container for your soul to blossom and be.

Evolutionary Life School lays the foundation for your next level of growth and self-actualization. We spend 9 months leading you into deep experiential processes, guiding and supporting you the whole way. This is a personal journey. And you will have the support of teachers who have walked before you, who can lift you up, challenge you and give you the courage, strength and hope that you need along the way.

As you begin to fully integrate yourself, your Masculine and Feminine, your Light and your Dark, you will transform your relationships, your life work, and be able to support your yourself, clients, your friends and your family with solid presence coming from your inner wisdom and knowing. Regardless of your reason for enrolling in ELS, you will leave an empowered leader in your family, your career, your men’s and women’s groups, with your clients and co-workers and in your own life.

Apply Today

Space is limited in this program so that we can give individualized support to each person.  Contact Us to request an application and schedule your interview time.

The Evolutionary Life School journey includes:

Five Transformational Retreats – five residential retreats full of deep dive teachings, exercises and experiential journeys designed to help you transform your life.  That’s over 200 hours of in-person contact with our team.  Our private clients spend $40,000 a year for that much time with one of us.   Value: $5,000

Five Shamanic Breathwork™ Journeys– each retreat features the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, an extremely powerful tool that uses breath, music and energetic body work to help you move past the limitations of the ego mind, release stress, fears, trauma and old limiting stories from the body/mind/spirit, and access guidance from your soul.  Value:  $1500

An incredible on-line learning platform filled with filled with downloadable lessons, resources, recordings and material covered at the events, plus interactive exercises that will help you to continue aligning to your passionate purpose throughout your life.  Value:  $1000

Lodging and catered healthy organic meals are included for all five residential retreats in the Kansas City are.  Value:  $1000

Monthly group calls and monthly partner calls with a classmate to deepen your learning, ask questions, get live feedback and support and give you the opportunity to practice the evolutionary skills and capacities you are developing throughout the program.  Value:  $1000

Direct support:  throughout the year you will receive lots of direct interaction with our team of of amazing facilitators who are all living our passionate purpose. You can ask all your questions and get personal feedback and support throughout the year. We limit the number of participants in this program so that we can give lots of attention to each person’s needs.  Value:  priceless!

Exclusive access to our Community of support: 

It is impossible to build your dreams alone. You need people to network and collaborate with, to cheer you on, to bounce ideas off, to ask for feedback and to share your challenges and triumphs. This community is filled with people like you who are committed to creating their dreams.  Value:  priceless!

Private Facebook Group – you will be invited to join a private Facebook group so that you can stay in contact and get all the benefits of being part of this community.  Value:  priceless!


All of this adds up to well over $10,000 of valuable course content, mentoring and community support.

But what’s more important is the self-liberation, self-love and clarity  that will totally transform your experience of how you show up in life.


We want to make sure that you have all the support you need during this 9-month journey of transformation and empowerment.  Check out these bonuses:

BONUS: Love  Your Life Coaching Session with Laura Wolf

Unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim you power, identify your passionate purpose and give your unique gifts to the world.

Value $200

BONUS:  Evolutionary Life Coaching Session with Phoenix Timberwolf

Tools for Health, Harmony and Transformation.

Value:  $200

Tuition for Evolutionary Life School

Register by August 1st, 2018 to get the Early Bird Pricing: 

$4550 up front via check

Payment plan:  $495 x 10 months


After August 1st:

$4950 up front by check

Payment plan:  $547 x 10 months

Inquire Today

Space is limited in this program so that we can give individualized support to each person.  If you are interested in being considered for the 2018-2019 class,  Contact Us to request an application and schedule an interview time.

Evolutionary Life School also includes the Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator training known as S.H.I.P.

S.H.I.P. stands for the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process. 

What does S.H.I.P. mean?

Shamanic means a way of seeing everything in the Universe as inherently connected and constantly changing.  It is an understanding that we are all made of Light and Dark, messy and magnificent – and that we always dying and creating, simultaneously.  In indigenous cultures, the Shaman is considered the Healer or Wisdom Keeper for the tribe.  Specifically, in this community, we empower people to access their own soul guidance and claim their capacity to heal and transform their lives.

Healing is our nature and our birthright.  Our bodies are innately and exquisitely designed to heal at the cellular level.  Our minds and our spirits have that same innate ability.  Every challenge in our lives is an opportunity to heal and transform our old, limiting beliefs and expand into something greater.

Initiation is a beginning.  It means a step forward, with courage and hope, into the unknown, so that we may develop beyond what we have known thus far.  We have all experienced initiations at one time or another in our lives, whenever we have embarked on something new that we didn’t already know how to do.  Becoming a teenager, becoming an adult, starting a new job, getting married, getting divorced, giving birth, growing older, or experiencing an incredible health challenge are all forms of initiation.  The initiations in this training program are designed to help you step beyond what you have already known and into something far greater.

Process – is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.  It’s a journey.  One day at a time, one breath at a time.  There is no magic pill. There is no workshop, teacher, guru or experience that is going to fix, save or heal you. But there is magic.  Magic happens when we show up for the process and keep taking action.

S.H.I.P. was created by Linda Star Wolf, creator of Shamanic Breathwork™.  S.H.I.P. is the foundation level training for becoming an ordained Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator.  More info on certification below.

Transformation & Training

Two ways to participate:

Evolutionary Life School is a 9-month co-ed journey that offers transformation and training through a combination of on-line learning, live retreats and a community of support.  A select number of people go through this journey together each year.  The program includes five live retreats, monthly group calls, and monthly homework with a classmate to check in about what is evolving in you.

There are two levels of participation:

Level I Transformation: Level I is designed for the individual who wants to focus primarily on their own personal healing, empowerment and transformation.  It includes five live retreats, monthly group calls, monthly homework and a monthly call with a classmate.

Level II Training: ApprenticeSHIP:  Includes all of the above, plus additional training days and phone calls.  ApprenticeSHIP is designed for individuals who have been on a path of transformation for awhile and are ready to learn higher level self mastery and facilitation skills so that they can bring forth their greatest contributions in their personal and professional lives. Apprentices are required to arrive at noon on Thursday prior to each of the five initiations and to attend additional training phone calls throughout the year.

Ordination:  Individuals who complete Level I of the Evolutionary Life School series will be eligible to become ordained as Shamanic Ministers and members of the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network.  If you are working in the healing/coaching/counseling fields, there are many benefits to being an ordained minister.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Certification:  Evolutionary Life School is the foundation training program to become a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator. If you are interested in becoming a Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator, or if you are simply interested in learning more facilitation skills to use in your own work with people, you may apply to be an Apprentice.  Apprentices are required to arrive at noon on Thursday before each workshop for advanced training and there are additional Apprentice calls throughout the year. After you complete the full Apprentice program, you will be required to attend a week of Facilitator Skills with Linda Star Wolf, founder of Shamanic Breathwork™, in order to complete your certification as Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator, in order to complete your facilitator certification.

Venus Rising University Credit –  All S.H.I.P. workshops can also be counted as credit towards a degree with Venus Rising University.

NAADAC CEU’s available for all S.H.I.P. workshops – you must fill out the relevant paperwork and pay the CEU fee prior to the start of the workshop.

For More Information on S.H.I.P., Shamanic Ordainment, Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator Training or Venus Rising University, please contact Laura Wolf.

Inquire Today

Space is limited in this program so that we can give individualized support to each person. If you are interested in being considered for the class of 2018-2019,  Contact Us to request an application and schedule an interview time.

Hours: Class begins at 9 am on Friday of each live retreat and ends at 5 pm on Sunday. Participation in the full weekend is required.

Apprentice Hours:  Apprentices are required to arrive at noon on Thursday the day prior to the retreat for Advanced Training.

Monthly Group Calls:  Monthly group calls will be scheduled at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

Location:  In the Greater Kansas City Area


Space is limited: An interview is required prior to participating in this program. Contact Laura Wolf to request and application and set up a time for your interview.


Business_Card3-1Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, led by Laura Wolf, is a congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Laura Wolf is an authorized facilitator of the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process.

S.H.I.P. is currently taught by Venus Rising in North Carolina, by Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary in Kansas City, and by other congregations around the country.

S.H.I.P. was created by Linda Star Wolf,  founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, creator of Shamanic Breathwork™ and author of several books. Star Wolf has been Laura’s personal mentor for many years.

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Space is limited in this program so that we can give individualized support to each person.  Contact Us to request an application and schedule your interview time.

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