Welcome to Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary!  Dedicated to personal and planetary transformation, our mission is to support you in releasing the dysfunctional patterns that no longer serve you, activating your limitless potential and harnessing your power to create a life of passionate purpose.  As we change our selves, we change the world. Imagine living in a world full of people who love and accept themselves, who feel deeply connected to each other and to our Earth, and are living their full potential.  Let’s create that world together, shall we?

Are you ready to:

Reawaken your PASSION

Own your POWER

Live your PURPOSE

Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is led by Shakti Priestess and Shamanic Minister, Laura Wolf. Open to all faiths and belief systems, Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit, interfaith community of Venus Rising Association for Transformation.  We welcome anyone who is ready to awaken to their full potential and step into their personal power and passionate purpose during this time of tremendous awakening. Based in Greater Kansas City, Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary sponsors events at various locations around the metro area and at our workshops across the country.  Please click on Events for more information.

We offer several Tools for Transformation:

 Individual Counseling Sessions

 Evening and Weekend Workshops

 Shamanic Breathwork™ Sessions

 Shakti Yoga Classes

 Recovery & Support Groups

We love hearing from you!