Private Coaching or Breathwork with Laura Wolf

Are you ready to:

  • Release whatever is getting in your way so that you can take your life to the next level?
  • Feel deeply loved, connected and valuable from within?
  • Own your POWER, share your PASSION and step into your PURPOSE?

Then you’re in the right place!

My passion is to assist people in transforming their lives at a very deep and lasting level.  I work with people who are ready and committed to showing up for themselves, owning their power to heal and transform their lives and taking action to create the life of their dreams.


“Before working with Laura, my life was at a crossroads. I deeply desired to move forward with some necessary changes but I couldn’t seem to make the leap to the other side. I was constantly overwhelmed and felt guilty for not doing enough or working on my creative projects.

Laura offered practical and tangible resources to help me identify limiting beliefs and fears, shift my perspective and feel at peace. She patiently helped me transform negative self-talk into empowering and true statements rooted in love and self-respect. She also gave me small homework assignments that helped me prioritize and actually attain my goals.

During the time I received coaching from Laura I was able to make the “leap” I felt unable to make on my own. I bought my first home and have focused more intentionally on my writing. I feel more balanced and grounded, which were huge areas of struggle in the past.  I’m so glad to have had her support and gentle guidance and would highly recommend working with her!”  — Mariah Friend, Writer and Community Activist

As you know, real and lasting change is not a one-shot deal.  We will work together to access your deepest desires for your life, release whatever may be getting in your way, and open your body, heart and spirit so that you can feel deeply loved from within, powerfully connected to your passion, excited to give your greatest gifts and ready to receive far more than you ever thought possible.  I work with people across many time zones for phone or video conference coaching sessions or in person sessions if you live in the Kansas City/Lawrence area.

If this calls to you, please contact me to schedule a free initial phone consult.  We will chat about your dreams and highest vision for your life, what may be getting in your way and how I may be able to support you in getting there.


“Laura, I want to thank you for your spot-on intuition and loving guidance.  You have helped me to awaken and transform into the amazing man that I am and the even-more-amazing man that I am becoming. I know that there will be continued challenges along the way, and I am celebrating where I am and how I feel now. I feel healthier (emotionally and physically) now than I have ever felt in my life.  Life is FUN!  I am THRIVING!  I have a VOICE!  I feel WORTHY!  I feel LOVABLE and LOVED (by many people, but most importantly BY MY SELF)!  Yes, I LOVE MY SELF!”

“I’m noticing that I’m feeling very comfortable in my own decisions, in knowing what’s right for me. In the past, I thought that others knew what was best for me. I was giving my power away to everybody – always asking for their opinion, their advice, what did they think I should do. Now I feel that I know what’s best for me better than anyone else possibly could. In the past, I would have sacrificed my truth so that no one would be mad at me or uncomfortable. I was always trying to get something, approval or energy or something. Now I’m just being myself. It’s so liberating!”