Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga, created by Laura Wolf, is a FUNKY, FUN FUSION of yoga, breathwork, active imagination and relaxation techniques designed to allow more LIFE FORCE ENERGY to flow freely through our bodies, minds and spirits.  Shakti Yoga uses simple movements and techniques that anyone can do – no previous yoga experience required.  Shakti Yoga is not about looking like the cover of a yoga magazine – it is about honoring ourselves in each moment.

Shakti Yoga at Wise Wolf CouncilShakti is the concept that we all have access to unlimited creative power.  Shakti is the life force energy responsible for all creation and the agent for all change.  Without a strong connection to our Shakti, we tend to feel stuck, bored, anxious, tired, depressed or uncertain about how to move forward in our lives.  When our Shakti is flowing freely, we feel alive, empowered, and “able” to do more of what we want with our lives.

In Shakti Yoga, we activate our life force energy and channel it to where ever it is most needed in our lives, cultivating union of body, mind and spirit.


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Shakti Yoga at Wise Wolf Council

[quotebox]Shakti is a Sanskrit word meaning, “to be able.”
Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning, “union.” [/quotebox]

Shakti Yoga at Wise Wolf Council

Laura Wolf has been studying and teaching yoga for over 15 years.  Starting out in the yang styles of Bikrim and Ashtanga, she eventually found her own body wanting a more yin practice to balance out her yang nature, which led her to Hatha Flow, Kundalini and Anusara styles.   Max Strom, Shiva Rea, John Friend, Emily Darling, Nancy Bounds and restorative yoga all influenced Laura’s personal journey of discovering exactly what her body needs from one day to the next.

Laura developed Shakti Yoga while living and teaching at Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Isis Cove Retreat Center in the mountains of western North Carolina.  Often teaching people either brand new to yoga or dealing with injuries or other physical limitations, Laura continually felt called to make yoga as simple, supportive and life-giving as possible.  Simultaneously, Laura’s own yoga and breathwork practices continued to evolve as she explored various ways of clearing, activating and empowering her own body, mind, spirit and creativity.  Shakti Yoga brings together Laura’s passions for yoga, breathwork, creativity and visioning.

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