“Shamanic Breathwork is a life-changing tool for personal growth. As I have experienced breathwork through the years it’s given me the opportunity to examine all the nooks and crannies of my soul, and make necessary and life-giving changes. Having a facilitator who deeply understands the process and has done her own work helps create a space for safe exploration. Laura is a facilitator who has fearlessly examined her own life, and is able to hold a space for others to do the same – a place free from judgment, from pre-conceived ideas, or rigid models of spiritual experience. She exudes a pervasive sense of calm, yet has a high energy level that invites you in to the process. I highly recommend Laura as a facilitator, mentor and teacher of the shamanic path.”

–Teri Riley, Natural Foods Store Manager, Overland Park, KS


“Participating in Shakti Yoga with Laura Wolf is a very rewarding experience.  Not only does it get the body warmed up and stretched but it’s a lot of fun at the same time.  I never felt any pressure to go beyond my personal abilities.  Laura is well prepared and I felt totally at ease during each session.  It was great to have her as a teacher and my 67-year-old body looked forward to each week.”

–Dennis Corvin-Blackburn, Whittier, NC


“Laura Wolf brings her authentic, wide open heart to each Shakti Yoga experience. Through her beautiful choice of music, words, movement, and stillness, she blends her Shamanic and Yogic knowledge effortlessly, creating a unique opportunity to delve into yourself deeper than you may have thought possible.  You emerge more connected to your spirit and the Earth. “

–Melanie Leithauser, Yoga teacher & Owner of The BE FREE Center, Bryson City NC.


“Laura Wolf is an amazing powerful Shamanic teacher who combines yoga, movement, meditation and breathwork with her deep intuitive wisdom, to provide clients and students with profound transformative experiences of healing and new growth.  Her healing abilities have been birthed through her own inner journey, and thus hold her unique imprint.  I cannot recommend her work highly enough.”

–Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW, PhD and Author of Empowering the Spirit and Journey to Wholeness.


“I first met Laura Wolf when she co-facilitated a Shamanic Women’s Circle at Isis Cove that I was a part of.  During that first interaction, I immediately saw that this was a woman who was doing her own inner work.  She was honest, vulnerable and compassionate. She also gently challenged us to be accountable with our words and actions during the time of our group.  Because of these qualities and her strong shamanic presence, I asked Laura to do some personal counseling with me.  Although I have done plenty of counseling in my past, I felt that I moved forward leaps and bounds from just one session with Laura.  She helped me to recognize a pattern of codependent language and thoughts that I did not realize I had, despite all the reading and work around codependency I was already doing! Our subsequent sessions have been every bit as powerful.  She always brings in a shamanic piece to her counseling process that potentiates the whole session.  I am so grateful for Laura’s support and caring as I walk my own spiral path!”

–Louise Bahnson,  Naturopathic Doctor, Asheveille, NC


“Whenever I had envisioned a shaman, my mind’s eye saw a withered, sweaty, toothless, bearded man who wreaked of sage and myrrh.  But when I encountered Laura Wolf, she dispelled that mental image.  She quickly established trust, that rare quality that is indispensable when making making the potentially perilous and highly intimate journey within.  Having made this trip a few times, I can honestly say that Laura is a true master of her profession.  I felt completely at ease and totally attended by her gentle, firm and guiding spirit.  Laura’s skills gently led the way for me and opened up my own inner guides to take me where I most needed to go. I have nothing by respect and gratitude for my sessions with Laura, whose knowledge and care in the inner domains are now beyond question for me.  She is a woman of gentle spirit and rare, loving wisdom, an ancient wisdom seldom found in our present day. I wholeheartedly recommend her shamanic gifts and abilities as a trustworthy guide.

–Greg in Overland Park, KS


“I was only recently introduced to Shamantic Breathwork via a workshop with Linda Star Wolf. During the workshop, I felt so very connected, and more importantly safe, with Laura, who was a facilitator there. I next attended one of Laura’s weekend workshops and found her teaching and Breathwork guidance to be revealing and loving. I feel safe, loved, supported, and given-to when I’m working with Laura. Those feelings are all necessary for healing and for taking those most miraculous Breakwork journeys. She is there when you need her, yet she honors your path and your process in the between-times.”

–Carol Atkinson, Teacher, Central Missouri


“Laura Wolf has a gift of crafting a safe and sacred space where people can tap into creative energy, move, laugh, dance, have fun and feel at one with each other and the beauty and powers of the Universe.      Her bright, light-hearted manner is delightful to be around!  I have enjoyed several activities she has led and I look forward to more!”

–Elizabeth Walsch, Yoga Teacher, Kansas City, MO


“I love Shakti Yoga. I love getting in touch with all parts of my body. The gentle stretching helps my sense of balance and feeling of well being.  I love the way you instruct the movement. I feel centered after Shakti Yoga.  Laura Wolf is also a skilled Shamanic Breathwork facilitator. Laura is fine-tuned to her intuition and knows exactly what is needed. In processing after the breathwork, Laura  gets a person to go deeply to reveal the issues that need resolving.  I totally trust Laura and know her as a person who walks her Truth with integrity and speaks her Truth.”

–Ruth Anne Brown, Whittier, NC 

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