Turn On Your Feminine Magic

Now available as an online course.

Imagine how different life would be if you felt deliciously turned on, relaxed, completely trusting the flow and delighted by what you are creating with your life?  


We live in a hyper-masculine culture that teaches us to work hard, over-schedule, push through, consume and be plugged in at all times. It promotes profit and productivity at all costs. It does not value rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, women’s natural cycles or women’s bodies – except as they pertain to the sexual pleasure of men.

The cost to our bodies, our adrenals, our sense of well being, our children, our intimate relationships and our planet cannot be measured. More people are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed than at any time in history.  We cannot go on living this way.

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious too often?

Are you seeing signs of breakdown in your body and in our world?

Are you longing to experience yourself as softer, more relaxed and open, more able to live in the flow?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to:

  Get ready to radically change the way you


using your innate feminine super powers of


– instead of working hard to make sh*t happen!

Did you know that the feminine process of creation works in a profoundly different way than the masculine way of manifesting?

The masculine way of manifesting involves structure, action and discipline, having a plan and sticking to it. Often it means showing up and powering through whether that is truly the best thing for your body or not.

Our American narrative has been telling us for hundreds of years: “If you work hard, you can accomplish anything. If don’t work hard, you are lazy and undeserving.”  Many of us have internalized that message as an Inner Drill Sergeant living in our heads, constantly telling us that we are not DOing enough.

There is nothing “wrong” with the masculine way of doing things. The masculine approach can seriously get a lot done! It’s just that our culture operates almost entirely from that mindset, which puts us into a state of adrenaline-driven depletion, overwhelm and imbalance.

The feminine body is literally not designed to be DOing and GIVING all the time. That constant output of energy drains and exhausts women and then we shut down and become brittle, anxious, depressed, sick, resentful or “bitchy.” It takes a toll on our sex drive, too.

We can’t receive abundance or intimate connection when we are living in that constant output of energy.


Five years ago, I was living the full on masculine approach to life.  As a single mom and entrepreneur I was working, going and doing all the time.  I saw clients during the day while my son, Ryland, went to school. After school, we did homework, soccer practice, dinner, dishes, laundry, bath time, stories and picking up Legos (lethal to bare feet!).  After my son went to bed I answered client emails and took on-line classes to learn how to grow a heart-centered business.  I often worked on my computer til midnight and then I was too wired from staring at a screen to go to sleep.

I felt anxious a lot of the time, everything seemed like a struggle and I got sick every couple of months – my body’s way of trying to get me to slow down. And as embarrassing as it is for me to admit it, my sex drive was seriously waning.  I was just too tired and too wired on adrenaline to relax into love making. It turns out that, biologically speaking, it’s really hard for women to feel turned on when we’re stressed and exhausted.

I eventually went to a Naturopath who looked at my bloodwork and said, “You’re burnt out. You’ve been running on adrenaline for too long and it’s ravaging your body.”

She was right.  I was so exhausted I couldn’t even conjure up the energy to make things happen with my business at that point.  My body simply wouldn’t let me.  I had to slow down and learn new ways of being and doing.

I began sitting in women’s circles and studying the energetic systems of the feminine body, tantra and the feminine creation process.

You see, as a child I watched the power dynamics in my family and aligned myself with my father.   My mom struggled with depression, had limited success in her career and went on scary rampages at home.  My dad worked all the time and became a leader in his field. He had his own challenges but to my young mind, it looked like Dad was successful, while Mother seemed weak and ineffectual.  I made an unconscious decision in my early teens that I was NOT going to be like my mom.  So I modeled myself after my dad:  work hard to make stuff happen!

As an actress in college,  my mentor, Michael, was a director and stage combat choreographer.  He looked like a Marine and taught me how to be a bad-ass on stage.  I felt fierce and powerful.  Showing up that way earned his approval and got me the most interesting roles in plays.  (I was never drawn to playing the sweet young thing so I usually got cast as the Witch, Bitch, Whore, Pioneer or Outcast type roles).

In my late 20’s, I became disillusioned with acting but I didn’t know what else do – so I went backstage and worked as a stage hand, pushing around scenery in the dark.  I swore like a sailor, wore combat boots, and always had a utility knife on my belt.   On Opening Night, after the final curtain fell, I changed into a fabulous cocktail dress and a pair of spiked heels, and sought attention from men all night at the party.

At that point in my life I felt way more comfortable hanging out with guys.

I had a lot of wounding around my relationship with my mother and had been hurt a few times by female friends, too. I didn’t feel safe with women but I knew how to get attention/approval from men by being TOUGH and SEXY.   I got into relationships with wounded men who reflected my own low self esteem and lack of self love.

In my early 30’s, I began doing Shamanic Breathwork™, Family of Origin healing, Shadow work, and learning how to love and empower myself.  I had given away my power so much as a young woman that I was bound and determined to never give it away again.  I have to admit, the early stages of that were not particularly fun for my partner at the time.  I often showed up LARGE and IN CHARGE.   I didn’t understand it at the time, but I was using my new found “power” to try to feel safe and be in control, rather than creating the intimate connection I really wanted for my life.

I’ve since come to see that a lot of the concepts I unconsciously held in my psyche about POWER  and SUCCESS were based on masculine principles.  All of my hard work, struggle, fierceness and fear of the feminine seriously got in the way of my ability to receive what my soul truly longs for in this life.

Today I am grateful for the health crisis I had in my early 40’s that sent me on a journey to find healthier, happier, more satisfying ways of living, loving, parenting and running my business.

In the last five years, I have completely changed how I do life.  For starters, I stopped working hard all the time to make things happen through the mighty will of my masculine.  Instead, I do simple practices every day that help me to soften into my feminine essence, amplify my bliss and align my energy with my soul’s desires. My libido came back!  I have beautiful, co-creative relationships in my life. And I have received far more abundance in the last few years than I ever did through all my years of hard work and struggle. I can tell you that based on my own experience, and the experience of women in my community, this is a far easier and far more enjoyable way to live.


The feminine principle of creation has everything to do with softening, opening, allowing and receiving.

Think of procreation for a moment. The masculine’s biological job is to penetrate and plant the seed in the feminine. The feminine’s job is to open and receive the seed. Then the magic happens!

As women learn how to slow down, soften into our feminine bodies, relax and open, we begin to live in the natural flow of our own rhythms.  In this open, relaxed, receptive state, we discover different desires – more soulful desires, less ego-driven.  And we begin to co-create with the Universe with far more grace and ease.  Feminine magic creates far more, and far more easily, than years of hard work, struggle and exhaustion.

To be clear, this is not about hating men.  I LOVE men!  And it’s not about rejecting the masculine principle within you or your ability to get stuff done.

This is about developing a deeply embodied integration of feminine and masculine ways of BEing and DOing so that you can consciously choose moment by moment which energy and capacity is going to best support your well-being, connection with your loved ones and the creation of your dreams.

So how do we make the shift away from so much DOing and towards a more open, relaxed, receptive way of BEing?  

In this momentous process, we have the opportunity to help both the feminine and masculine realign into a healthier, more balanced, and safer society.

What past participants are saying:

“After a year in circle with Laura, I hardly recognize my life!  And that is a good thing!  I have been empowering women to live their truth for over thirty years.  But the last three years of my life I found myself stuck in a rut I could not seem to get out of.  The space she held for me is nothing short of miraculous.  Even when it got so difficult that I wanted to quit, she held my feet to the fire.  The completion of that circle is just what I needed to save my life.  I will forever be indebted to her for the healing and transformation that took place.  For the first time ever in my life, I feel like my life is truly, truly my own – like I can truly do exactly what I came here to do.  Thank you, Laura.”

–Kathy Daugherty, Life On Purpose Transformation Coach

“Last year in Circle with Laura was transformative and empowering. I was able to let go of identities that didn’t really belong to me and habits that weren’t serving me. I faced my demons and embraced my queen. The sacred dramas they enacted were so powerful! I also learned practical tools to help me on my journey. At the end of the year, after months of wonderful sisterhood, I felt a new sense of integration and wholeness. I am so grateful to Laura and Robin for these teachings!”

– Dr. Kathleen Williams, Mythologist and Metal Smith

I created Turn On Your Feminine Magic Mystery and Mastery School – so that you can:

What you will learn:

Live more joyfully in your feminine body – soft, relaxed, open and TURNED ON, because living tense, shut down, overwhelmed and exhausted is killing you!

Experience more grace, ease, and flow in your daily life

Awaken your feminine magic and activate your ability to receive far more than you ever imagined possible.

Love yourself unconditionally and fall deeply in love with your body temple

De-program the limiting beliefs and patriarchal conditioning that women have been indoctrinated with for thousands of years

Feel free to speak your truth, give your gifts and be your most authentic self instead of silencing yourself or playing small

Develop a powerful and loving relationship with the Divine Feminine so that you can feel seen, heard, held, loved, nourished and supported in any moment

Bring healing to any lingering wounds or mistrust that you may harbor about women

Create what your soul really wants for your life using your hidden feminine super powers instead of working hard to make sh*t happen

The Course Curriculum

Using the archetypes of Maiden, Mother, The Feminine Warrior, The Shadow Feminine, Priestess and Queen as guides, we will drop into the deep mystery and potent practices of the feminine way.

Foundations for Feminine Magic

In this unit we will focus on how feminine energy, feminine power and feminine creation work so that you can:

  • Live more joyfully in your feminine body – soft, relaxed, open and TURNED ON (because living tense, shut down, overwhelmed and exhausted is killing you!)
  • Experience more grace, ease, and flow in your daily life
  • Learn how to manage your own energy so that you can feel safe, grounded, centered and capable of responding to life’s challenges from your integrated feminine power, instead of reacting, blowing up, playing small, or avoiding speaking your truth
  • Create more of what you really want for your life from the feminine super powers of receiving and allowing instead of the masculine super powers of working hard and making SH*T happen


As girl-children and as a teenage girls, when our bodies, minds and self-esteem were developing, we were inundated with countless limiting messages about what it means to be feminine, what it means to be a powerful woman, and most of all, about our bodies and our sexuality.

In this exploration we will de-program the limiting beliefs and patriarchal conditioning we received (and still repeat to ourselves inside our own heads) about femininity, power and sex so that you can:

  • Feel free to BE and EXPRESS as your most authentic self
  • Fall deeply in love and holy communion with your own amazing body
  • Connect with your sexual energy as a source of creativity and generativity
  • Re-activate the natural playfulness, curiosity and joy of the Maiden within all of us


All of life emerges through the Mother. From Mother, we learn whether our physical and emotional needs will be met and whether we are inherently valuable and lovable. Regardless of the quality of your relationship with your mother today, the ways that you were mothered deeply impact how you love and nurture yourself and others, and how you expect others to treat you.

In this initiation we will explore the energies of Mother and Great Mother so that you can:

  • Amplify your commitment to unconditionally loving and nurturing yourself
  • Develop a powerful relationship with the Divine Feminine so that you can feel held, supported and unconditionally loved when you are having a difficult time holding and loving yourself
  • Soothe and calm your nervous system when you get triggered so that you can quickly and easily return to a centered, adult state
  • Consciously choose how you Mother your children, partner, friends or others in your life

The Feminine Warrior

We all have an Inner Warrior who has protected us and helped us to get a lot done.  Sometimes our Inner Warrior has tended towards the energy of FIGHT:  over reacting, blowing up, criticizing and trying to control people and circumstances. Other times, fear of her power has kept us in patterns of FLIGHT: avoidance, people pleasing, playing small, not speaking up and not really going after our dreams.

We need our healthy Feminine Warrior to help us set boundaries, define and protect our personal and psychic space and discern right action to carry out our highest visions for our lives and the for the planet. In this unit we will unpack the ways that the Unconscious Warrior has impacted your life, honor your Feminine Warrior for the capable force of nature that she is, and forge a more conscious relationship with this aspect of yourself so that you can:

  • Recognize and quickly de-escalate the energy of FIGHT or FLIGHT and relax into your body
  • Hold boundaries in a clear, compassionate way instead of over-reacting, trying to control people around you, or abandoning yourself
  • Feel safe and empowered to speak your truth, instead of silencing yourself or playing small
  • Carry out your vision for your life with right use of your energy instead of working hard all the time

The Shadow Feminine

We’ve all been hurt by women from time to time – and we’ve probably all been guilty of hurting another woman from time to time. Witch, Bitch, Slut, Gossip, Backstabber, Social Climber, Sugary Sweet, Controlling, Critical – there are many aspects to the Shadow Feminine. In this initiation we will shine a light on ways we have acted out or been affected by the Shadow Feminine so that you can:

  • Bring healing to any lingering wounds or mistrust that you may harbor about your relationships with women
  • Practice radical love, acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and for others
  • Reclaim the power inherent in all aspects of your feminine and enlist them to serve your true purpose


A Priestess is exquisitely present with herself and unafraid of her inner landscape.  This presence with herself is what allows her to hold space for others as they seek and discover their own inner magic.  She lives and breathes her connection to the Divine Mystery. She knows how to energetically align herself with her deepest desires and trusts the Universe to guide and support her.  At this time in herstory, the Priestess will help shift the status quo and smooth the transition towards more balance and honoring of all of creation.

In this initiation, you will increase your connection to your Self and Divine Mystery so that you can:

  • Meet whatever is arising within you or around you with presence and compassion instead of judging, rejecting or fleeing yourself or others
  • Energetically align yourself with your deepest desires so that the Universe can meet you there
  • Live from deep trust in yourself and the Divine within you
  • Increase your capacity to serve yourself, your family, your clients, your community

Sacred Union

Each of us—male or female—carries within us aspects of both feminine and masculine energy. The healthy, embodied feminine is open, soft, expansive, loving, receptive, passionate, intuitive, creative and life-giving. The healthy embodied masculine is action-oriented, disciplined, decisive, clear, strong, willing to sacrifice for the greater good, and fiercely protective of you, your family and your vision. The balance and integration of these two energies determines the degree to which you are able to manifest your true purpose in the world.

In this unit we will cultivate a respectful and loving relationship between your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine so that you can:

  • Consciously call upon your Inner Masculine when you need that energy to protect you or help you to take disciplined action to create your dreams
  • Allow your Inner Feminine to rest and receive far more than you ever imagined possible
  • Feel whole and content within yourself regardless of what’s happening in your outer relationships
  • Manifest your purpose in your personal life and in the world


The feminine sovereign’s sacred responsibility is to receive and to bless so that her realm may prosper. The embodied Queen, confident, gracious and wise, generously blesses others with her words and her radiant presence. She holds the highest vision for her realm, ensuring balance, well-being and prosperity for her people, her lands and for our sacred Earth. The more you open up to receive, the more everyone around you will be blessed.

At the culmination of your journey, you will ascend the throne as the Queen that you truly are so that you can:

  • Claim and believe in your authentic vision for your self, your family, and our planet
  • Experience relaxed confidence and a deep knowing that you are enough
  • Receive far more than you ever thought possible and see your realm prosper
  • Amplify joy in your life by blessing everyone around you with your radiant presence

Past Participant:

“The time I spent in Circle last year with Laura offered a much needed re-connection with myself, with the powerful Goddess within me, and nurturing to the worn out, grieving and lacking joy parts of myself. I began the circle on the cusp of a 90 day  separation in my marriage which led to divorce mid year. To have this circle, sharing, reclaiming of my Priestess energy at this time was invaluable.

I feel better emotionally and mentally than I have in several years. I have restored energy to create and take risk and rest. I can navigate family concerns while honoring my guidance and allowing them to follow their own. I feel more at ease with myself, kinder and more accepting. My inner landscape is a safe and friendly space for me to reside in. I feel like I have woke up a layer of innate power that I had slow sunk in a mud pit of martyr, mortar, and doingness.

I feel ALIVE and am face to face with life and asking for more out of it than I was living before this program. I am grateful I heard the call of the divine feminine and these women put this circle in motion as a place to step into that Call. I am launching my inner muse metaphysical masterpiece, The Art of Receiving and Transforming Energy Academy, in part because the connections, restored soul energy and deepened connection to the Goddess that was nurtured and ignited last year.”

–Teri Freesmeyer

Who is this course for?

Turn On Your Feminine Magic On-Line Mystery School is for  conscious women who are tired of working hard all the time!

You are very capable. There is no doubt about that.  But if you’ve read this far we’re guessing that some part of you is tired of being in charge all the time, tired of your own control issues, tired of the stress and tension in your body.

Some part of you wants to soften into your feminine essence but you’re not exactly sure how to do that and keep up the responsibilities of modern life. There’s always more on your To-Do list than time in a day.  You sense that there must be an easier way, that life shouldn’t be so difficult.

You may be a Healer, Coach or Therapist ready to take yourself and your clients to the next level of self actualization.

You may be an entrepreneur trying to manage your business, care for yourself and create quality time with your loved ones.

You may be a mother who tends to take care of everyone and everything else before you take care of yourself.  Even though you love them and you hate to admit it, are you sometimes feeling resentful of your partner or your kids? Or just plain overwhelmed by it all? You want to find the balance between self-care and caring for your family – and you want your children to see an example of the healthy, embodied, empowered feminine.

Perhaps you are longing for more connection and intimacy but it’s alluded you how exactly to allow that to happen.

You are definitely ready to feel relaxed, at ease, playful, turned on, expressed and content.

You know in your heart that it’s possible to live more in the flow, trust the Universe, and receive far more than you ever previously thought possible.

Turn On Your Feminine Magic Includes:

9 weeks of interactive lessons and exercises, and downloadable resources that will help you to Turn On Your Feminine Magic and integrate these new ways of being.

The skills and ways of being that you will learn through Turn On Your Feminine Magic will support you for the rest of your life!



Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living in alignment with our souls and in harmony with our Earth and all its creatures.  Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, creator of Shakti Yoga, and co-founder of the Wildwoman Weekend, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world.

Based in the Heartland (Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS) Laura leads events around the United States and abroad.  A member of the Venus Rising University faculty, Laura Wolf is one of the leading facilitators of S.H.I.P.: The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process in the United States. Utilizing teachings, breath, movement, art, bio-energetic release techniques, embodiment practices and guided journeys in her workshops and private coaching practice, she holds safe and sacred space for accessing and integrating the myriad parts of your authentic wholeness.


Q:  I’m not great with technology.  How much of this course is on-line?

A:   This course is all online.  Each week you will receive an email with a link to the on-line learning portal where you can read the lessons on-line, or download them to save in your computer.

Q:  I’ve done a lot of personal growth work already.  How is this program different?

A:  This program is different in that it combines ancient women’s wisdom with cutting edge energetic practices for awakening the latent feminine power that simply are not being widely taught in the Western world.  This program is very experiential – it will activate your mind, your body, your energy and your spirit. Laura has been on a path of personal development and spiritual awakening for many years.  These practices changed my life with more ease and flow than all of those years of “working on myself”

Q:  I’m brand new to personal growth work.  Will this work for me?

A: I have served women in their 20’s to women in their 70’s, stay at home moms, healers, artists, therapists, women in the corporate world, and women from many different spiritual traditions.  I have found that if you adopt the practices that speak most simply to your life, you will be AMAZED by the inner shifts and deepened peace you experience over the course of 9 weeks.

All photography and graphic images on this page created by the magical  Heather McKenzie.