In To Me I See October 2016

Saturday & Sunday, October 8-9, 2016

In To Me I See: Intimacy, Expansion & Embodiment

Shamanic Breathwork™ Retreat at The Light Center

with Laura Wolf & Stephanie Red Feather


The Light Center is a beautiful natural sanctuary nestled on 35 acres of sacred land 30 minutes south of Lawrence, Kansas. Join Laura and Stephanie for a two-day overnight retreat to unplug from the distractions of modern life and drop into your own innate rhythms.

The peaceful, magical energies at the Light Center have been supporting spiritual healing, ceremonies and self-development retreats for more than 20 years. As you drive into the land you will feel the shift into a different vibrational field. The spirit of this land calls people to it for healing and activation of their highest vision. The land, the trees, the creek, the medicine wheel and the sanctuary will hold and support us as we journey into the depths of our soul wisdom.

During our sacred time together, the portal will be opened for you to observe and explore your relationship with intimacy as well where you long to become more fully embodied.


Intimacy:  In To Me I See

Our ability to be present, intimate, open, loving and connected with others is directly proportional to our ability to be present, intimate, open, loving and connected with OURSELVES.

Laura Wolf will share specific practices for:

•Becoming a safe, present and loving space for yourself

•Breathing through waves of uncomfortable or triggered feelings as they arise

•Sharing your inner experience with self-compassion and without blaming others for your feelings

•Experiencing more ease and flow in your life

Embodiment: Fully inhabiting yourself

Learning to fully embody ourselves is part of our purpose in choosing to incarnate into human form. Yet most of the time we walk around only partially embodied, often living from the upper chakras and avoiding the unresolved issues and pain of our lower chakras. This affects our ability to be present for others, to manifest our creations and to run our full life-force energy. Stephanie Red Feather will share perspectives and practices on:

•What does embodiment actually mean

•Myths about transcendence/enlightenment

•How we became un-embodied and why

•How to more fully inhabit ourselves

Expansion:  Shamanic Breathwork™

Use your breath to expand beyond the limitations of the ego mind and rapidly access the innate wisdom and vision of your soul.


Through the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, reflection, journaling, ceremony, communion with nature and tuning into the wisdom and guidance of your own soul, you will emerge from this retreat with a fresh new perspective and clarity on what’s next for you on your path of expansion.

Shamanic Breathwork™ is a safe and powerful tool for transformation that utilizes breath, sound healing, art and energetic bodywork to help you:

•Let go at a very deep level of stress, fear, trauma and limiting beliefs

•Open to the flow of unconditional love, which is always available to us and through us

•Receive guidance directly from your soul about who you came here to BE and what you came here to contribute

•Align with your highest vision and take inspired action to create the life of your dreams

If you’ve never experienced Shamanic Breathwork™ before and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Laura or Stephanie (contact info below.) This process allows you to rapidly access levels of innate wisdom and vision that most other techniques can’t come close to. If you are in a place of seeking guidance, clarity, healing or accelerated transformation, we encourage you to join us for this powerful, magical weekend!

About Your Facilitators:524_Laura_Wolf

Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to helping people learn to love themselves unconditionally, own their power, believe in their gifts and live their passionate purpose. A Transformational Life Coach, Master Facilitator of Shamanic Breathwork™, creator of Shakti Yoga and Founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Laura leads workshops, ceremonies and initiatory journeys across the United States and abroad.


StephanieStephanie Red Feather is a master at navigating and illuminating the hidden realm of emotions and energetic patterns. Through a vast array of specialized techniques, Stephanie is able to quickly cut through the fog of confusion and stagnation to the root of your issue and help you transform it. In addition to being a High Priestess, Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator and certified Spiritual Healer, Stephanie is a prolific creator of workshops and products and a facilitator of the Priestess Process™.



Date & Time: Saturday October 8, 9:30 am – Sunday, October 9 at 4:30 pm.  Please allow ample time for travel especially if you have never been to The Light Center before.

slideMailLocation: The Light Center in Baldwin, Kansas, 30 minutes south of Lawrence, Kansas or 75 minutes west of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

CLICK HERE for directions. Please print out the directions and bring them with you as cell phone coverage and GPS are very spotty.

Workshop Fee: $295 per person or two people for $525. This fee includes overnight accommodations, dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

University Credit & CEUís: All payments will be routed through Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary. All classes taken through Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary are eligible for credit towards a degree with Venus Rising University, and NAADAC CEUís are offered upon arrangement. For CEUís all paperwork must be filled out and fees paid prior to taking the course. Email Laura Wolf for more info.

Questions? Email Laura Wolf or Stephanie Red Feather

Pre-Registration Required

Lodging Options

There are 6 beds available upstairs in the barn (1 bunk bed (i.e.: 2 single beds), 2 double beds and 2 futons) and 1 futon available downstairs in the barn.

There is also room upstairs for air mattresses (we have some very nice ones available).

There is unlimited room outside for a tent.

When you register, please indicate where you would like to sleep so we don’t overbook sleeping accommodations.

Shamanic Breathwork Retreat, Oct 8 & 9, 2016

What to bring:

There is a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove and filtered water. You are encouraged to eat a light breakfast and bring foods that are easily digestible and snacks as opposed to eating heavy meals. The refrigerator will be mostly full with the catered meals.  Please bring your food items in a small cooler or lunch tote with freezer packs.

•Your open heart and mind

•Water bottle


•Eye mask

•Enough bedding or padding to lie down comfortably on a wood floor

•An extra blanket to cover up with, a pillow for your head and possibly one for your knees (we want you to be comfortable)

•Snacks or a light lunch for Saturday

•Breakfast for Sunday

•A tent if you choose to stay outside

•Any other bedding you might need for sleeping

•Drums, rattles, noise makers and instruments

•Items for the community altar

•Back jack, camping chair or cushion for sitting in the yurt (if you don’t have one, it’s OK, we have some, but not enough for everyone)


Weekend Timeline:

Saturday, October 8

Arrival, Opening Ceremony, Teachings and Communion with the Land

Light Lunch (bring your own)

Expansion: Shamanic Breathwork™: Use your breath to expand beyond the limitations of the ego mind and rapidly access the innate wisdom and vision of your soul.

Dinner (Provided)

Community Bonfire & Music (Bring your voice, your drums or your instruments)

Sleep under the stars or indoors – you choose

Sunday, October 9
Breakfast (bring your own)

Morning movement

Intimacy: Developing deep presence and unconditional love for yourself

Lunch (provided)

Embodiment: Understanding what embodiment is and practices for inhabiting your entire physical and energetic body.

Closing Ceremony: Integration of wisdom received from your soul, your body, the land and community