Shadow Work Breathwork April 1, 2017

with Laura Wolf & Phoenix Timberwolf

April 1st, 2017

Release what no longer serves you and bring your hidden powers out of the Shadow and into the Light

At a very young age, we learned what was considered acceptable and what wasn’t. Without realizing it, we began to repress and push into the Shadows aspects of ourselves that we thought would cause us to be hurt, rejected or not loved.

People often think that the Shadow means the “bad” or “negative” parts of us – but the shadow includes ALL  aspects that we have split off, repressed or denied.  Frequently our joy, creativity, passion and dreams get pushed into the Shadows, along with our feelings, sensuality, power and truth.

Shadow work is about reclaiming ALL aspects of ourselves – especially the parts that we think are un-loveable.

When we can truly look at all parts of ourselves with compassion, we regain our power. Power to speak our truth. Power to do what we really want to do with our lives. We begin to know that we will be okay, regardless of what anyone is thinking of us.  It gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves – which then liberates others around us to be their authentic selves, too.

Shadow Work®, created by Cliff Barry, is a personal growth process which supports individuals to explore the inner landscape and discover the gold that is hiding in the shadows. It is a way to face everything within us, and learn how to live more fully.

Shadow Work® brings your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light. We all have these hidden powers within us. But we don’t always allow ourselves to use them. Most of all, it is a way to love ourselves for the journeys we have chosen.

Shamanic Breathwork™, created by Linda Star Wolf, is a safe and powerful tool for transformation that utilizes breath, sound healing and energetic bodywork to help you to:

• Let go at a very deep level of stress, fear, trauma and limiting beliefs

• Open to the flow of unconditional love which is always available to us and through us

• Receive guidance directly from your soul about who you came here to BE and what you came here to contribute

• Align with your highest vision and take inspired action to create the life of your dreams

The Light Center, a natural sanctuary nestled on 35 acres of sacred land, has hosted spiritual healing ceremonies and self-development retreats for over 20 years.  As you drive into the land you will feel the shift into a different vibrational field. The land, the trees, the creek, the Medicine Wheel and the Sanctuary will hold and support us as we journey deep into the depths of our inner landscapes to discover our hidden gold.

This powerful day at The Light Center includes:

  • A Shamanic Breathwork™ journey into the inner landscape so that you can retrieve lost aspects of the self
  • Facilitated Shadow Work® processes to help integrate the parts of self that you find
  • A community of powerful allies who are committed to showing up as their fully authentic selves
  • Time at lunch and dinner to explore and enjoy the land, the woods, the creek and the Medicine Wheel
  • An optional bonfire after dinner to relax, sing, drum, have fun in community and celebrate your reclaimed parts

Facilitators – The Feminine & The Masculine

We believe in the power of men and women doing deeply transformative work together.  We live in a co-gender world.  We are all inherently connected to each other and the planet needs all of us to grow up and show up.  Men and women need safe spaces and facilitated opportunities to witness each others’ authentic vulnerability and rich wholeness. And we all need the healing experience of being lovingly supported by the energies of the masculine and the feminine working together.

524_Laura_WolfLaura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living our passionate purpose.  Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process and creator of Shakti Yoga, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world.  To read more about Laura’s journey, click HERE.


Phoenix Timberwolf – As a pivotal facilitator and catalyst for transformation, Phoenix serves men, women, children, couples, organizations and communities by modeling sustainable living,  supporting emotional and physical healing and embodiment, and contributing to planetary balance and well-being

Phoenix’s Journey:  Phoenix’s personal growth journey began in 1994 with 12-step recovery and continued with many modalities of alternative therapies, conflict resolution and healing. Today he is a certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Advanced Energy Healer and Higher Alignment 7-ray technology coach in training. In addition to leading Mankind Project Men’s group, Phoenix also works with teens in developing life skills, couples who want to create rewarding relationships, and matches business owners with partners and employees for greater success. In all of this, Phoenix offers tools for self-forgiveness and letting go, so people can discover their own authentic nature. He is a father, partner, business owner, mediator, body worker and life coach currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina.


This event is full!

Date & Time: Saturday, April 1st, 9:00 am – 6:30 pm, followed by optional bonfire


slideMailLocation: The Light Center in Baldwin, KS – 35 minutes south of Lawrence, KS or 75 minutes west of Kansas City, MO.

Click HERE for directions.  Please print out the directions and bring them with you as cell phone coverage and GPS are very spotty.

Donation:  $125 per person or two people for $200.  Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary is a 501c3 congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

University Credit & CEU’s:  All classes taken through Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary are eligible for credit towards a degree with Venus Rising University. We also offer NAADAC CEU’s upon arrangement.  For CEU’s all paperwork must be filled out and fees paid prior to taking the course. Email Laura Wolf for more info.

Please Bring: Your open heart and mind, water bottle, your lunch and any snacks you may need, journal, an eye mask, enough bedding or padding to lie down comfortably on wood floor, an extra blanket to cover up with, a pillow for your head and possibly one for you knees (we want you to be comfortable). There is a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove and filtered water.  If you are staying for the bonfire, you will need to bring your dinner or a dish to share in community.

Questions?  Email Laura Wolf

This event is full.  If you are interested in getting some support around working with your Shadow, please contact Laura Wolf to learn about additional opportunities. Laura works with individuals and small groups by appointment.  You might also want to check out Evolutionary Life School.