You Are a Gold Mine

YOU are a GOLD MINE: Pleasure, Peace and Prosperity for 2018

You are pure GOLD!  Absolutely everything you need and desire is already within you.  Your only job is to allow it to come through you.

I received this teaching through an inner journey with my guides and with Mother Earth.  It instantaneously changed my life.  I really got it – physically, emotionally, energetically – that I am pure gold.

That knowing changed how I feel about myself and how I show up in the world.  I don’t worry anymore.  I know that I am absolutely and completely taken care of and that everything I need comes through me.  This knowing has allowed me to relax enormously, to experience ease in my body and to play with the Universe.

I knew when I received the transmission that it wasn’t just for me.  It’s for you, too. It’s for everyone.  You are pure GOLD and you deserve to know this deeply from the inside.

Join me for a day in the Mystery.  We will play and explore. I will share energetic transmissions, breathwork and the simple practices I use every day to stay tapped into the GOLD that I am.  Anyone can learn this stuff.

Are you ready to know the GOLD that you are?

  • Learn how to tune into the GOLD that you are and allow it to flow through you into your life
  • Energetically align yourself to the vibration of your dreams and visions for 2018
  • Activate your pleasure pathways
  • Use your breath to release stress and heal your nervous system so that you can experience sustainable inner peace
  • Unlock your body’s natural ability to receive pleasure, peace and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams!

Laura Wolf is an evolutionary change agent dedicated to creating a world in which we are all living in alignment with our souls and in harmony with our Earth and all it’s creatures.

Transformational life coach, founder of Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary, creator of Shakti Yoga, Master Facilitator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, and co-founder of the Wildwoman Weekend, Laura helps clients to unlock fear, access deep self-compassion, claim their power, identify their passionate purpose and give their unique gifts to the world.

YOU are a GOLD MINE Details:

Date:  Saturday, January 6, 2018

Time:  1 pm – 6:30 pm

Place: Darling Yoga 11711 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

Investment:  $65 per person or $100 for two people

Please Wear:  Something gold if you can – a piece of clothing, a scarf, a piece of jewelry, some glitter or perhaps something borrowed.

Please Bring: Something gold to put on the altar, water bottle, journal, a thick blanket or yoga mat to lay down on, a blanket to cover up with, a pillow for you head, snacks if you like.

Questions:  Email Laura Wolf

Space is limited:  Register below using the PayPal button to reserve your spot.

One person or two?